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Cashify Store offers a lot of services like smartphone buyback, refurbished smartphones, smartphone repairs, accessories repair, and mobile phone recycling. We are India’s no. 1 buyer and sellers of second hand mobile phones. Using the Cashify Store platform, you can conveniently buy refurbished phones with ease. So that every time you visit us, you get all that you need. This makes it the place for the best ONE STOP for everything!
In this store, one will find so much to choose from with the best quality products. This store offers smartphone covers, tempered glass, and cable, and chargers for your second-hand smartphones. In addition, our store also offers power banks for your phones and laptops. Furthermore, you will also find extremely great refurbished laptops to buy from. Our store offers the best quality products with the 32-checkpoint quality check. This is the only place one will find the best prices for second hand mobile phones.
As the pre-owned smartphone market continues growing, we need to have a trustworthy guide where you can do it all. Cashify brings you the platform to let you sell, buy and so much more. You can choose to buy from a selection of refurbished, unboxed, and pre-owned second-hand mobile from our online e-commerce store. We offer free shipping across India with a warranty.
Refurbished phones are usually a fraction of the price of brand new models, and they typically have the same functionality and lifespan. And while buying a second mobile phone might seem like a risky proposition, most people have a great experience - here at Cashify Store!
Our team tries to bring you the best 2nd hand mobile phone experience. Our belief is to be big on quality, small on price. Let us also give you the assurance of a hassle-free service - from ordering to receiving, our process is 100% smooth.
We bring in your affordable and best-priced second hand mobile straight to your home. The market for these kinds of second hand mobile phones is huge. Considering how we end up having new entries and wanting to buy those newer editions almost immediately. However, one can simply not put in so much money for a model - which is available as a 2nd hand mobile phone - but almost new - barely used.
We, at Cashify Store, try our best with giving you the best experience when buying second hand phones. Every smartphone goes through 32 rigorous tests. No compromise on quality. These second hand phones before becoming available to buy go through some tests mentioned below:
Functional- Bluetooth, Microphone, Flashlight, Screen Pixel, Ear-piece, Jack Check, Speaker Test, Volume Button Check, WiFi, Call Test, and GPS.
We also check the second-hand phone for their battery health - Serial Number Capture, Actual Design Capacity, Temperature Range Check, Cycle Count Check, Manufacturers Date, USB Post Cosmetic, Full Charge Capacity, and Battery state of Health inspection.
In addition, it also has its cosmetic check-up done - so that the 2nd hand mobile phone looks just as new as a manufacturer bought-one. In the cosmetic check-up, it goes through - Power Key Cosmetic, Device Bezel Cosmetic, USB Cosmetic, HeadJack Cosmetic, and USB Post Cosmetic.
Cashify Store does not forget the device information of such 2nd hand phones. We do Manufacturer, Operating System, Serial Number, Model Number, Device Storage, Device Color, Wifi Address, and IMEI check.
With this exceptionally well-done 32 checkups on the second hand mobile phone - there is no chance we give you a faulty experience. However, even if in case it happens - we give out a 6-month warranty to get you covered with these 2nd hand phones.
It comes at a minimal price with a quality that’s as good as new so that you do not have to compromise with your smartphone experience.
Moreover, we give you options to choose from our range of 2nd hand phones. You can choose from PhonePro Certified, PhonePro Refurbished Superb and PhonePro Refurbished Good. The difference between these three comes with some factors.
For instance, PhonePro certified brings second hand mobile phones with minimal scratches, fully functional, and tries to give original accessories and boxes if it is available. However, it also promises that it will be barely used to give you an almost new experience.
Whereas, with the Superb option, these second hand phones have just up to 2 scratches and are fully functional. In addition, it is minimally used and gives the PhonePro box along with a compatible charger and cable.
On the other hand, Refurbished Good options give us 2nd hand mobile with just up to 5 scratches/dents. However, it promises to be fully functional and comes with a PhonePro box along with a compatible charger and cable.
The next question that arises as soon as we buy a second hand phone - is whether we get the original accessories or not?
Although it is subject to availability and the option you choose to buy from. It does give you a PhonePro approved adapter, USB cable, and an invoice. In addition to all these, the 2nd hand mobile phones come with a 6-month warranty card.
Cashify lets you sell, buy, repair, and accessorize your smartphones. This is a one-stop solution with a quick and hassle-free experience. We offer you premium products with our trained professionals, with amazing prices and guaranteed safety. We are India’s largest and first online mobile experts.
So, why don’t you jump in and look into the store to find what suits you best without putting in too much money?